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Wools of New Zealand

Caring for the wool, the land and inhabitants

Wools of New Zealand's farmers put sustainable farming practices first for the good of future generations. Their commitment sees all their wool produced with a low environmental impact thanks to each farm’s incredible scope and efficiency as well as dedication to animal welfare and caring for the land.

By being accountable, traceable and sustainable at all times, Wools of New Zealand aims to lead the world in growing the highest quality wool fibre in the most environmentally responsible way.

Laneve™ Programme

Wools of New Zealand's farmers participate in the Laneve programme. Laneve™ wool is 100% natural fibre with all wool traceable back to the famers who grow it. As a unique brand solely owned by Wools of New Zealand, it represents the pinnacle of quality and exacting high standards maintained by our famers.

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Responsible Wool Standard

Wools of New Zealand has farms accredited to the Responsible Wool Standard, which gives further assurance that their standard farming practices are truly excellent.

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